Monday, August 23, 2010

Here goes..the first of my 'no more excuses'

To be completely honest,I'm not into sharing that much. A blog.. OMG but to make myself accountable here it is.

Introduce myself to you and me. I'm 37 years old, mother of 2 (6y/o and 8y/o) daughters, wife of one. A shiftworker where my week is never the same , no routine, morning, afternoon and nights all thrown in. I tend to overeat and use comfort food. I procrastinate when it comes to exercise, if i get 40mins to myself you will find me reading a book not exercising. Actually i procrastinate a lot... @ home.

My family is the most important thing to me which is why i am doing this body transformation. I want to be healthier,fitter and slimmer. I want to race my kids down the street and beat them, no i don't let them win anymore cause last month, i realised unless i tried really hard they could run faster.
I have refused to buy clothes because they are a size bigger than i wear now. I no longer want to hide in the back of the photo, or delete all the pictures of me cause i look to fat in them. Truth is i am over weight and according to my BMI obese...ouch!! Deleting my picture off the camera is not going to help me lose weight.

My mother is currently caught up in the vicious cycle of decreasing mobility, increasing weight and increasing medical issues....i don't want to be like that!!! I love her but those traits i do not want... i would rather her intelligence,patience and ability to find the good in all instead.

No More Excuses....suck it up and get moving. I have 20 kg to lose and the only way to do it is improve my eating  and exercise habits and get my head in the right place. Stopping yapping about it it!