Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Photo Challenge

Yep was a little horrified at the thought of before photos. But have now uploaded my before shot. Even in my mind I didn't think I looked that big but I am and the measurements prove it. Today's photo had me running out the door and off to do some exercise. Don't own a bikini just used my exercise tights and sports bra. I figured if i can't be honest about how I really look to Michelle then I shouldn't be doing this. So now it's all done... that's my commitment to you Michelle. I hope you heard me!
In the lead-up to the 20th of Sept i have increased my exercise to 5 days per week so I'm right on schedule. Have been looking at my calorie intake and learning to read labels. Have attended a group class for the first time since high school.
 I love body pump and the instructor is great. The lunges get me and i do rest my legs a bit then get back into it. My work mates have noticed how focused i am on losing weight and exercising. Especially when I use the cardiac rehab room and appear to be at work all the time. Did try to convince a few of them to join me but they are doing weight watchers and some are doing shakes. 
 Me well i hadn't made a good enough effort at losing weight before, so now I am. No more half hearted attempts I'm in it to achieve it 100%. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Adding exercise to my life

No more excuses... exercise has been added to my life. In the last week i have exercised twice.. that is a good effort from a self confessed procrastinator. The first was and exercise DVD cardio kickboxing by Jillian Michaels . IT really made me feel places i haven't felt for awhile. Got the heart rate up and the body sweating. As a group effort took the kids and hubby for a bike ride on a new bike path (the only one around town) and instead of me dawdling with the daughter who still has training wheels i took off like a rocket and hubby rode with the kids. i rode 5kms and felt so much better as iam making the effort and i thanked my family all individually as i wanted to let them know that i want their support and it's a great thing to do exercise, cause i want to be around for a long time. My kids were really pleased that they were helping me.
And last night while most of you were snuggling under the covers i went to work an hour and a half use the cardiac rehab gym equipment and put in a great 45 Min's of mixed exercise bike, rowing machine, treadmill and some weights. with warm up and cool down time taking it up to an hour. Had a shower, got into my uniform and then started my shift. I got a real buzz that i had done it and i didn't feel tired for my shift, from now on when i do night shifts i will go to the gym before work. Just like most people who get up early in the morning and go for a walk/jog.
Need to ask for help to use rowing machine and weights thingy to make sure i've got the right posture. And to find out what  else it does.
My aim is to be ready for when the challenge starts on sept 20th, and 6 days of exercise is expected. i want to have worked my way up to 6 days by then.
No more excuses it's happening NOW