Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Photo Challenge

Yep was a little horrified at the thought of before photos. But have now uploaded my before shot. Even in my mind I didn't think I looked that big but I am and the measurements prove it. Today's photo had me running out the door and off to do some exercise. Don't own a bikini just used my exercise tights and sports bra. I figured if i can't be honest about how I really look to Michelle then I shouldn't be doing this. So now it's all done... that's my commitment to you Michelle. I hope you heard me!
In the lead-up to the 20th of Sept i have increased my exercise to 5 days per week so I'm right on schedule. Have been looking at my calorie intake and learning to read labels. Have attended a group class for the first time since high school.
 I love body pump and the instructor is great. The lunges get me and i do rest my legs a bit then get back into it. My work mates have noticed how focused i am on losing weight and exercising. Especially when I use the cardiac rehab room and appear to be at work all the time. Did try to convince a few of them to join me but they are doing weight watchers and some are doing shakes. 
 Me well i hadn't made a good enough effort at losing weight before, so now I am. No more half hearted attempts I'm in it to achieve it 100%. 

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  1. Hey Mel. Hope the beginning of the challenge has been a good one for you. Looking forward to reading about your results. Good luck for this week.